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Ravage Magazine #19 (English Edition)
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Welcome to Ravage Magazine US #19, soldiers! Your mission, if you choose to open the pages of this magazine (and you really should), is infiltrate the Firestorm Zero preview to learn about this new cooperative game which pits specialized soldiers against unnatural horrors on the battlefield. Along the way, you'll learn about other upcoming games like Thunderbirds, DreadBall Xteme, and B-Sieged. You'll also uncover review intel for Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Super Motherload, and Secret...

Ravage Magazine #17 (English Edition)
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Ahoy, Ravage readers! Welcome to Issue 17, and what an action packed issue it is. Beyond the striking cover, you'll find so many exciting previews, reviews, and guides, you might have to read it twice to take it all in. Readers get an amazing preview of Monolith's new Conan board game, bound to excite casual and diehard fans of the iconic barbarian. You'll also get an early look at CMON's newest game, Rum & Bones, that brings the MOBA video game genre to the table. We also got the chance to...