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Lock ‘n Load: Battle Pack Alpha
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Lock 'n Load Tactical: Battle Pack Alpha (Second Edition) now comes in full color with 14 scenarios designed to increase the replayability of your Lock "n Load Tactical series. Lock 'n Load Tactical: Battle Pack Alpha (Second Edition) includes missions in the jungles of Vietnam, the streets of Arnhem, and the small Belgian village of Foy. There are Jewish Partisans defending their home, German panzers attacking a Russian bridgehead, and North Vietnamese regulars storming an American-held hill....

Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan [Damaged]
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Damaged Box -Contents should be fine.Sekigahara is a 3-hour block game based on the Japanese campaign waged in 1600. The 7-week war, fought along Japan's two major highways and in scattered sieges and backcountry skirmishes, elevated Tokugawa Ieyasu to Shogun and unified Japan for 265 years. Sekigahara is designed to offer an historically authentic experience within an intuitive game mechanic that can be played in one sitting. Great effort has been taken to preserve a clean game mechanism....

Great War at Sea: High Seas Fleet (Second Edition)


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The so-called "dreadnought race" before the First World War existed mostly in the fevered propaganda supported by British shipyards and armaments works. This supplement for Great War at Sea: Jutland looks at the fleet that British leaders feared Germany would build, using the German Empire's full financial and industrial resources. With 70 die-cut pieces, 42 scenarios in a 64-page book.

Panzer Grenadier: Go For Broke (Second Edition)
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America's Immigrant Heroes Scorned in their own land, they fought for freedom on foreign soil. The 442nd "Nisei" Regimental Combat Team won more awards for battlefield valor than any unit in the history of the U.S. Army. With 29 scenarios, two campaign games and 77 pieces.

World at War Magazine #052: Sealion - The Proposed German Invasion of England, September 1940
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Sealion: The Proposed German Invasion of England, September 1940 is a wargame simulating a hypothetical German invasion of England in late 1940 (circa September) and presumes the Germans had achieved air superiority over the Royal Air Force. This game incorporates an significant level of detail and, therefore both air and naval operations, as well as all facets of land operations (operational and strategic). While it is assumed the British had already lost the eponymous Battle of Britain, the...

La Bataille de Ligny


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La Bataille de Ligny details the terrible battle that ensued on June 16, 1815 on the banks of the Ligny Creek. Up to 3 players control the Prussian forces commanded by Feldmarschall, Prinz Lebrecht von Blucher, while another 3 or 4 players command such French personages as Marshal Grouchy, Generals Vandamme and Gerard, or Napoleon himself. Every battalion of infantry, squadron of cavalry or battery of artillery that was present at the battle is included...and at their command. Using the award...

Paper Wars Magazine: #84 Finnish Civil War


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FINNISH CIVIL WAR is a simulation game of the civil conflict in Finland in the early months of 1918. The game is for two players, one representing the recently elected government of the recently independent state (the White player) and the other the perhaps-irresistible forces of proletarian revolution (the Red Player). The game comes in two versions: a detailed company and battalion-level version, called the "standard version", and a brigade-level version with a smaller number of counters and...

1866: The Struggle for Supremacy in Germany


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1866 is a two-player simulation dealing with the Austro-Prussian War of 1866 in Central Europe. One player controls the forces of Prussia and its allies, to include the young Kingdom of Italy and the other player controls the forces of Austria and its German Confederation allies.

WING LEADER: Supremacy 1943-1945
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WING LEADER: Supremacy 1943-1945 is the second volume of GMT's exciting Wing Leader game series, which started with Wing Leader: Victories 1940-1942. WING LEADER allows you to play out large-scale aerial combats in World War II.Based on a unique side-scrolling view, WING LEADER: Supremacy 1943-1945 lets you recreate the climactic air battles at the end of the war. Scenarios feature fights above the Reich, Normandy, Italy, Romania, the Eastern Front, and the Pacific. Players fly squadrons and...



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Fields of Despair: France 1914-1918 is a 2-player hex-based strategic level block war game set on the Western Front of the First World War. Players take control of the Allies or Central Powers fighting the war on land, at sea, and in the air all the while making tough economic and technological decisions at home.Fields of Despair has a unique block system designed to maintain the fog of war throughout the entire game. In most games, block combat values range from one to four. In Fields of...

Comanchería – The Rise and Fall of the Comanche Empire
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Number of Players: 1Playing Time: 60-360 MinutesRecommended Ages: 14+Comanchería – The Rise and Fall of the Comanche Empire is Joel Toppen’s second game design which tells the story of the First Nations people of North America. Like Navajo Wars, Comanchería is a SOLITAIRE game in which the player plays the role of the Numunuu, the Comanche people.Using mechanics similar to Navajo Wars, Comanchería challenges the player to conquer and control the southern plains of North America. It won’t be...

Clash of Giants: Civil War
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Clash of Giants: Civil War, takes the game system from Ted S. Raicer’s popular and critically acclaimed Clash of Giants WWI series to two of the storied battles of the American Civil War: Second Bull Run and Gettysburg. CoG: Civil War uses a modified version of the chit-pull Activation system of Clash of Giants II: Campaigns of Galicia and First Ypres, 1914, while retaining the CoG combat system. Every (mostly brigade-level) unit has a Tactical Efficiency Rating based on its morale, training,...

On to Paris! The Franco Prussian war
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On To Paris! uses a wargame system adapted from Victory Games' "The Civil War" to simulate the grand events of the Franco Prussian war (1870-71) and challenge players to control the leadership, organization and military operations of Armies and Corps during the later 19th century. The Franco Prussian war was fought using Napoleonic tactics but with weapons of almost World War One lethality that included breech loading rifles, artillery and an early version of the machine gun. The Franco...

Barbarossa Deluxe
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A strategic-level, two-player "mini-monster" of intermediate complexity, designed by Ty Bomba, covering the entire Russo-German War. Play may end sooner than the historic termination time, if the German player is able to do significantly better than his historic counterparts by advancing so quickly he causes the overall political, social, economic and military collapse of the Soviet Union. Likewise, if the Soviet player is able to carry out his strategic comeback more efficiently than did...

Modern War #027: Modern Battles II - Crisis in the Mid-East
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Modern Battles II is a grand tactical simulation of battles that were or could possibly be fought in the era since the fall of the Berlin Wall and into the near future. Players control actual and hypothetical combat units utilizing a wide range of technologies and forces to gain objectives. Modern Batles II includes two games: Kaliningrad, covering a hypothetical Russian clash with NATO forces at the Russian Baltic Fleet forward base, and Mosul, a clash between ISIS and Coalition forces in...

Beyond Valor (3rd Edition) [Damaged]
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Damaged Box -Contents should be fine.Beyond Valor is the first, and most important, of the Advanced Squad Leader modules. BV contains the German and Russian orders of battle from 1939-1945 as well as three different squad-types of Finnish troops. Additionally, the module contains the necessary markers and fortifications required by the ASL Series.The newest, and we anticipate the last (should further reprintings be required the contents are not expected to change), printing of Beyond Valor has...

Operational Matters: An Operational Combat Series Guide (with Sicily II)
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Components:80-page magazine (includes the game rules for Sicily II)2 sheets of counters (see a sample here)1 map (22” x 34”)NOTE: the OCS Series Rulebook and Charts are not included; these can be downloaded from the MMP support website if you do not already have these. Operational Matters: An OCS Guide is a support booklet devoted to the Operational Combat Series. Editor Mark Milke has selected a nice mixture of game-specific strategy articles on many of the games in this series, and also some...

Tunisia II
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Components:24-page Tunisia II rulebook56-page v4.2 OCS series rulebook3 countersheets (1/2”) (see a sample here)2 maps (22” x 34”) (see a sample here)2 OCS Charts & Tables booklets2 cardstock play aids2 dicebox & lidTunisia II is an Operational Combat Series game covering the campaign in Northwest Africa from November 1942 through May 1943. This new edition is similar to the original game from 1995, but features a revised order of battle, modified rules, and new maps. We are really happy to...

Last Blitzkrieg
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Last Blitzkrieg is the first entry in the new Battalion Combat Series (BCS), which simulates combat in World War II (and beyond) at the battalion scale. Its subject is the German Ardennes offensive Wacht Am Rhein (the Battle of the Bulge) on four detailed maps (at 1km per hex) and with 1,680 counters. Last Blitzkrieg covers the battle in a level of detail rarely seen before and does so in a very playable manner. The BCS itself was designed to show that battalion level combat is its own...

Advanced Squad Leader: Yanks
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YANKS is back, and better than ever, as it now includes the essential elements of PARATROOPER and 24 additional scenarios. YANKS contains the entire United States Army order of battle for ASL, including five different squad types, their half squads, leaders, and all the varied vehicle, ordnance, and support weapon and crew counters, thus enabling you to command every type of combat unit used by the American Army in every theater throughout the war. Chapter H contains over 20 pages of detailed...

Clash Of Giants II
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Clash of Giants II: The Campaigns of Galicia and First Ypres is a sequel to Clash of Giants which covered the campaigns of Tannenberg and the Marne. As with it's predecessor, Clash of Giants II contains two separate games based on the same rules.The continues the series from Clash of Giants.Clash of Giants II: The Campaigns of Galicia and First Ypres, 1914 is the sequel to Ted Raicer's acclaimed Clash of Giants: Campaigns of Tannenberg and the Marne, 1914. As with the original design, CoG II...

Von Mansteins Backhand Blow
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Von Manstein's Backhand Blow is a low/intermediate complexity two player game using the well-received Turning the Tables system pioneered in earlier east front games produced by Moments in History. The game system itself is easy to learn and master. No two games will ever play out alike because a great deal of uncertainty and randomness is injected into each combat due to the Combat Chit Draw and Random Events Table. This uncertainty makes Von Manstein's Backhand Blow ideal as a solitaire game...

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Volume III in GMT's Battles of the American Revolution Series the Battles of Guilford Courthouse and Eutaw Springs, 1781. Contains 1 two-sided mapsheet, 1 sheet of 5/8 inch counters, series rule book, battle book, aids for previous games in the series, baggies, and dice. Regimental scale, 1 hour per turn.The game features:Replacement counters:3 for Saratoga, 2 for BrandywineLow counter density. Guilford, in particular, offers lots of room for early maneuverDecisive, substantial, and marginal...

Prussias Glory
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Four battles featuring Frederick the Great in the Seven Years War: Rossbach, Leuthen, Zorndorf and Torgau. Short Battle Scenarios use the historical deployments, while Main Scenarios allow alternate history. Simple turn sequence, low unit counts. Mechanisms include CRT, Zone of Control. Rules emphasize the role of artillery, with a wide variety of ordnance.TIME SCALE One hour per turn MAP SCALE 500 yards per hex UNIT SCALE Brigade level with some Regiments and BattalionsConetens:704 5/8"...