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Luck & Logic Playmat: Ashley Bradbury
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Luck & Logic: TRANCE RE:UNION- Booster Pack
Price: $3.95
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Item #: BRLLEBT05 -

Who will you choose to trance with? Power up all of the foreigners/logicalists released up until now! Jam packed with cards that will immediately strengthen your deck! Featuring popular tranceunion combinations such as "Tamaki x Xiaolin" and "Aoi x Lotta" with brand new abilities! To top it off, there are 4 different Trance Rares!! - All worlds are featured in this set! - There will also be 4 different Trance Rares!! - features colors: yellow, red, green, blue - 1 card in every pack will be a...

Luck & Logic: Aid & Arms- Booster Pack
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Item #: BRLLEBT04 [8885009403418] -

Introducing a brand new rarity, TR (Trance Rare), which also comes with a beautiful foil version ∞TR (Infinity Trance Rare)! This new rarity is a game finisher that is stronger than a RR! Compared to previous sets, we have increased the number of different "R" rarity cards! There are many key cards included to build a wide array of decks! Reintroduction of Monolium, featured in BT01, and Tritomy, featured in the BT03. Includes tons of key cards for player's decks! Reintroducing the Yellow and...

Luck & Logic: Spirit & Signal- Booster Pack
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Item #: BRLLEBT03 [8885009403012] -

This latest booster debuts the brand new world of Tritomy! Featuring cards with an incredibly powerful ability that allows you to look/rearrange your deck! New logicalists from Disfia strengthen the decks from L&LE-BT01! There will also be new options for green and blue decks! Combines well with L&LE-TD04 Cyber Logic releasing on October 14th to make a cutting-edge Luck & Logic deck!!

Luck & Logic: Cyber Logic Trial Deck


Availability: Coming Soon
Item #: BRLLETD04 -

After gaining experience as a logicalist, Yukari Nanahoshi performs a covenant with a foreigner from the new world "Tritomy" and gains the power to read the future!! This deck features the new world "Tritomy", and is represented with abilities that read "Look at the top card from your deck". This Trial Deck has many important cards with multiple copies to build a Tritomy deck (Tritomy Paradox cards, Basic Tactics cards, and Vanguard abilities). One Hot Stamp Signed Card is randomly inserted...

Luck & Logic: Growth & Genesis Booster Pack
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Item #: L&LE-BT01 [8885009402718] -

What is Luck & Logic?Bushiroad, Bandai Visual, Nitroplus, Lantis, Yuhodo, Doga Kobo. The leaders of media content present you 2016's biggest project. The door to the world of Anime and TCG Trance is now open!Now broadcasting/streaming in 10 countries, the TV anime “Luck & Logic”, which began broadcast in January 2016 is a Sci-FI “bishojo” battle action anime with “Trance” as the theme and depicts the world of “Luck & Logic”! (bishojo: Japanese for attractive female characters) The anime can be...

Luck & Logic: Trial Deck #3- Bullet Logic
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Item #: BRLLETD03 [8885009402817] -

The Luck & Logic Trial Deck #3 includes Two logicalists Mana Asuha and Yukari Nanahoshi featured in one deck! It also showcases abilities that filters the cards in your hand to obtain "Paradoxes." Raise your logic and challenge your opponent in the paradox zone! A blue deck with a red splash allows you to enjoy two abilities with one deck! A great introduction to the world of the goddesses and faith "Tetra-Heaven" (Featuring beautiful gate card illustrations from "Tetra-Heaven"!). Start...

Luck & Logic: Believe & Betray- Booster Pack
Price: $4.25
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Item #: BRLLEBT02 [8885009402824] -

This set features the logicalists and foreigners from the TV Anime! It even includes personalities and abilities found in the anime! Also, don't miss the artwork from the animation featured on the cards! - Combine cards from this set and Trial Deck [Bullet Logic] to easily create a powerful "Mana" deck! - New abilities introduced for referencing field position and trapping your opponents! - Trial Decks 1 and 2 also get a strong boost in power! Will you use your original all-stars or will you...