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Warmachine: Retribution Of Scyrah (35089): Siren Light Warjack

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    House Vyre was once noted for its sinister weapons of war, and the Siren harkens back to those morally dubious inventions. Capable of mystically seizing control of those it slays to turn them against their former allies, the Siren makes use of terrifying technology. Only the dire nature of the Retribution’s cause justifies its use, employed only against those who would harm the gods.

    The Siren is a low-point cost warjack with great durability. As such, this warjack pairs well with Lord Ghyrsshyld (PIP 35087) for his feat, Vyros, Incissor of the Dawnguard (PIP 35047) for his access to Synergy, or Thyron, Sword of Truth (PIP 35064) for his spell list and feat as well.

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.


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