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Iron Cross: WWII Gaming In Miniature

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    Iron Cross is a set of fast play rules for fielding loads of armour with supporting infantry in any scale. The mechanics are remarkably simple and the method of activation presents players with weighty tactical decisions to ponder and a sense of high tension and drama. It is a game especially suited to large, multi-player games in which each side has a player acting as the overall commander for the battle, developing and co-ordinating an overall plan for the achievement of operational objectives, and entrusting individual players to execute those plans. It is a game in which implicity is the ultimate sophistication.

    Iron Cross is also ideal for two players, whether gaming with small forces on a "standard" sized table, or with much more impressive formations on a greater scale terrain board. The rules are purposely uncomplicated to allow players to concentrate on the scale of the battle, but the action/reaction system ensures that all players are involved at all times, making tactical decisions affecting their own commands.


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