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Millennium Wars: Air War

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    Millennium Wars is a series of strategic-level, two-player simulations of possible current and near-future conflicts.

    Each player controls the forces of a belligerent and its allies.

    Each player moves his units and executes attacks in turn. While there are two sides in each game, certain scenarios will include NATO intervention on one side or the other.

    Standard Game rules gives a basic simulation of modern warfare. Expansion sets include additional rules which give a more complete simulation at the expense of additional complexity.

    Each Millennium Wars set uses the same Standard Game rules and tables. Each has its own unique map, counters, and victory conditions.

    Millennium Wars: Air War is the first in a series of expansion sets for the Millennium Wars game system. Order of Battle overlays are provided for all current MW games, so players can more realistically portray the air conflict component of any MW operation. This is not a stand-alone game. You must own at least one other game in the series.

    140 Double-Sided Full-Color Die Cut Counters
    Two 8.5" x 11" Full-Color Maps
    One eight-page Rules Book
    One four-page Tables Book
    One four-page Missions Book

    A Six-Sided die is also required for play


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