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GURPS 4th Edition: Tactical Shooting

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    As Real as a Fistful of Steel! 

    GURPS Tactical Shooting does for shooting what GURPS Martial Arts brings to real hand-to- hand combat it has all the information gamers need to bring realistic firearm combat to the gaming table.

    With stances, tactics, military preferences, and a lot of "busted" gun myths, this book has everything a GM needs to give a modern-day campaign an extra level of depth. Players creating weapon-specialist characters will find over 20 new perks, nearly as many techniques, and six new styles of gunfighting . . . plus dozens of new guns, and other gear to give those guns an extra realistic edge.

    Whether they're looking to ramp up the realism of their modern-day adventures, build and equip characters who are sharpshooting specialists, or arm the heroes (and villains!) with tactics and tricks to shift the odds, GURPS Tactical Shooting is loaded for bear!


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