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Titan Forge: Bloodsail Island: Cannoneers

Item #: TTF-BI-03
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    Ogres of Bloodsail Island spend their short and agressive lives sailing and pillaging every ship that gets in their sight. And even before the fight begins, they love to rain a deadly salve of cannonfire on their prey. Those that get addicted to the smell of blackpowder never leave their weapons on deck, carrying their big friend like a normal human would carry a rifle.

    This set contains enough parts to build 3 Bloodsail Cannoneers:

    1. Cannoneer body 1
    2. Cannoneer body 2
    3. Cannoneer body 3
    4. Cannoneer heads (6)
    5. Cannoneer hands (5)
    6. Cannoneer hand with cannon
    7. Cannon (2)
    8. Bases (3)

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.


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