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Potion Explosion 2nd Edition

Item #: CMONPTN101 [889696008626]
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Price: $45.95

    Number of Players: 2-4
    Playing Time: 30-45 Minutes
    Recommended Ages: 14+

    Mix and match your way to a potion explosion!

    It’s senior year at the Horribilorum Sorcery Academy for Witty Witches and Wizards. All the hard work and studying comes down to this: the final exam! Under the helpful tutelage of the Headmaster, players have learned how to handle volatile ingredients and turn them into fantastical potions!

    In Potion Explosion 2nd Edition, players take on the role of students trying to pass their final exam for the year. To do this, they’ll be creating potions by pulling marbles from the new plastic dispenser. These represent ingredients in the various potion recipes. When a marble is taken, the rest slide down the ramp. If two same-color marbles touch, an explosion happens and the player can take those marbles, too! More explosions means more marbles and faster potion-making. Each completed potion also grants a special ability when drunk. At the end of the game, the player that scores the most points is deemed head of the class and graduates with top honors.

    • New Plastic Dispenser - The new plastic dispenser in Potion Explosion 2nd Edition has been redesigned for easier use and storage, all in new, durable plastic.
    • Same Exploding Action - When two same colored marbles touch, it creates an explosion, letting players take those marbles as well, adding them to their ingredient pools to create more Potions faster.
    • Reach the Head of the Class - Finishing a Potion grants players the ability to use its special ability. Create the best combination and they’ll graduate at the head of the class.


    • 1 Plastic Dispenser
    • 4 Desk Boards
    • 80 Ingredient Marbles
    • 64 Potion Tiles
    • 15 Skill Tokens
    • 21 Little Help Tokens
    • 1 First Player Token
    • 1 Rulebook


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