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Immersive Battle Maps

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    The first book of detailed fantasy battle maps that you play directly inside of. 

    As a Dungeon Master you never know where your party is going to get into trouble next. Gone are the days of drawing and redrawing the most basic of maps and landscapes. Open Initiative! 

    Immersive battle maps is the first book of battle maps for table top RPGs in a handy lay flat format. 32 maps of different common and unique locations makes sure you as a DM are always prepared. The maps come pre-gridded and are dry and wet erasable. Static cling stickers take the maps to the next level as you can customize interiors and add ruins and spell effects. 

    Maps included are: 
    Wizards tower 
    Castle wall 
    Training barracks 
    City Center 
    River path 
    Crypt graveyard 
    Haunted house 
    Open field 
    Gladiator arena 
    Bandit camp 
    Merchant house 
    Dwarves forge 
    Boat docks 
    Rooftops at night 
    Hedge maze 
    Farmers market 
    Boat at sea 
    Open ocean 
    Weapon and armor shop 
    Under the sea/shipwreck 
    Lava altar 
    And a blank dungeon floor


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