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Fog & Friction: Western Front

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    Players: 2
    Playing Time:
    Ages: 14+

    Attention! Your High Command has given you a single key objective: take more ground than the enemy!

    In Fog & Friction: Western Front you assume the role of either an Allied or Axis commander and wage war across numerous battlefields inspired by the historical campaigns of World War Two. You will contest bridges, towns, and rolling farmland until only one side's force remains, leaving you in possession of the field!

    The Fog & Friction: Core Game contains everything you need for two players including;

    1x Fog & Friction Rulebook
    156 Unit cards, comprised of:

    78x Allied Unit cards & 78x Axis Unit cards

    10x Battlefield cards comprised of:

    5x Allied Battlefield cards & 5x Axis Battlefield cards

    2x Sequence of Play cards


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