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    But there dwelt the Horned God for his long reign and to it came the damned and he housed them in dungeons of horror and madness. And thus, men call it, more than the pit of the Horned God, or his city, or his throne; men call it Hell, and so it is. The Dungeons of Aufstrag is a multi-level dungeon/city complex that is both huge and ever changing. It is designed for use for any level of play, though low-level characters may suffer a higher mortality rate than higher level. A Stand-alone adventure saga Box Set. Included in this Box Set:
    · The Dungeons of Aufstrag Game Book including: A13 The Bone Pit, A14 The Horned Gods Acre, A15 The Gallery of Souls, A16 The Red Fort and A17 Hall of Chains.
    · 5 Large Full Color Fold Out Dungeon Maps
    · Area Map of the Environs of Aufstrag
    · 1 Poster of Aufstag


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