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Zvezda Military 1/72 Scale: Topol SS-25 "Sickle"

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    The production of the Topol mobile ballistic missile started in 1985, and nowadays they are the main component of Russian strategic nuclear war potential. This mobile ICBM is mounted on a 7-axle heavy truck MAZ-7917, capable to move through any off-road terrain and attaining a speed up to 60 km/h on a highways. The truck moves all the time during patrolling, and a missile can be launched from any point of the route - this makes it difficult for the enemy to detect it's position. The missile can be readied to launch in 2 min after the order was received. The three stage rocket can deliver a nuclear warhead of 0.55 mt up to 10 000 km and has the complete complex of anti-missile defense breaching devices. Currently the Topol missile guaranteed term of service is 21 years.

    1:72 Scale Topol "M" is one of our most important releases for 2014. The Russian forces operate about 20 units of these gigantic mobile intercontinental missile launchers. It is the first plastic kit of the Topol launcher.

    Content: 6 plastic sprues and 4 wheel sprues

    Decal for one Russian Unit Model length: 31,5cm

    All new tooling


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