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Zvezda Military 1/144 Scale: Russian Attack Helicopter MiL-35M

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    1/72 MIL Mi-35 Helicopter Gunship This kit features: - Latest version of the Russian heavy attack helicopter - 4 figures - New main and tail rotor and other details - Decals for Russian forces

    Mi-35 is a multipurpose helicopter gunship, “flying infantry fighting vehicle”, developed in Mil’s Design Bureau. Transport-and-fighting helicopters of that type are designed for destroying of enemy’s armoured troops be means of missiles and bombs, fire support of land forces\' troops, landing operations (each helicopter is able to transport 8 commandos with their weapons), evacuation of wounded men (Mi-35 is capable to carry two lying and two sitting wounded men escorted by medical person) as well as able to transport loads up to 2.4 tones at external fixtures.


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