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Wreckland Run

Item #: RGS02315 [810011723153]
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Price: $37.95

    Number of Players: 1
    Playing Time: 30-45 Minutes
    Recommended Ages: 10+

    You hear engines in the distance as you strap the last of your supplies onto your vehicle. The supplies are yours now, stolen from the bad tribe in hopes to get them to the helpless strongholds on the other side of the mountain. To get there you’ll have to get your hunk of junk through the wrecklands, a single stretch of road full of marauders and mercenaries. Your vehicle loaded with supplies, with your body in the truck, would be worth a hunk of gold and gas from the powers that be. But you won’t let that happen. Judging by the sound of the engines, you have a few moments to weld another precarious weapon to the hood of your lovable ride. She ain’t pretty, but she’s yours. And every shot is going to count as you make your wreckland run!


    • Played across a campaign of 7 chapters!
    • Choose a driver and a vehicle and use them for all chapters!
    • 3 rounds composed of the wreckage phase and run phase!
    • Expands Solo Hero Series (Warp’s Edge & Proving Grounds)


    • Campaign Book
    • 4 Vehicle Mats
    • 8 Destruction Cards
    • 12 Upgrade Cards
    • 26 Parts Cards
    • 24 Enemy Cards
    • 4 Pilot Cards
    • 7 Envelopes
    • 40 Gems
    • 1 Round tracker
    • 8 Dice (5 white, 3 red)


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