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Wild West/ Lost World Exodus Union: Theodore Roosevelt, Lost World Explorer

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    This blister pack includes the followinBorn in 1854, Theodore Roosevelt was somewhat of a sickly child. To the young Teddy, as his parents called him, his weak constitution was something that needed to be challenged and overcome. In the aftermath of the Ore War, Roosevelt applied himself to a life of service, joining the Union military at seventeen. It was there that his exuberant personality, keen and varied interests, and robust masculinity quickly made him a favourite amongst the men and women he served alongside. Roosevelt was deployed to fight against Latin Alliance insurgents in Cuba as part of 273rd Cavalry Regiment, in a platoon known as the Rough Riders.

    Roosevelt's success with the Rough Riders saw him promoted to First Lieutenant and platoon leader under Colonel Leonard Wood. Three years later, Roosevelt was a Major when the Rough Riders were deployed to Antarctica as part of the 12th Expeditionary Force.

    After the Union was defeated at Shirase Valley by a Japanese detachment, With their horses maimed or killed in the clash, Roosevelt provided an ingenious solution. He had studied the attempts by expeditions to domesticate a native saurian species know as Trodon. He agreed they would be suitable mounts for his cavalry and put his Rough Riders to the challenge. After several months of wrangling, Roosevelt led his first detachment of Trodon cavalry to repel a small skirmishing force of Canadian Blackhoofs that were attempting to break through to the Ross Ice Shelf.

    β€œIn any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” - Major Roosevelt at the Battle of Mount Erebus.

    The Theodore Roosevelt - Lost World Explorer kit builds one multi-part resin miniature;

    1x Theodore Roosevelt - Lost World Explorer
    1x Base

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.g:

    1x Resin Model

    1x Small Base (1.25")

    1x Stat Card

    Note: Product sold unpainted and some assembly required.

    General Grant



    Point Cost: 205

    Small Base

    2β€œ Halo

    Lifeblood: 20

    Federal Hand Cannon x1

    1 Hand, Template

    Special Rules: Blast 3", RJ-1027, Thermite Rounds

    Ranged Weapon 2

    Officer's Derringer x1

    1 Hand

    Special Rules: 0

    Melee Weapon 1

    Energy Saber x1

    1 Hand, Melee

    Special Rules:Armor Piercing, Decapitation, RJ-1027

    Melee Weapon 2


    1 Hand, Melee

    Special Rules: 0
    Special Rules:

    UNIQUE: Only one of this model may be used per posse.

    FIRING SQUAD: When friendly Hired Hand models begin their activation within 6" of this model, the receive 1 extra Action Point that may only be used to shoot. If they cannot shoot, the extra Action Point is lost.

    BEST OF THE BEST: Any friendly Hired Hands using an Action to shoot while within 12" of this model benefit from a -1 modifier to their Marksmanship tests (making it easier to hit)

    INSPIRING LEADERSHIP: Any friendly models within 12" of this model may use this model's Courage value when making Courage Tests.

    SPECIAL CAV: Union Iron Horse Light Support models in this boss's army may deploy up to 6" further than the normal deployment zone allowed.


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