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Watch - RIO611 [655132006118]
Watch - RIO611 [655132006118]


Item #: RIO611 [655132006118]
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    • Number of Players: 1-4
    • Playing Time: 60 Minutes
    • Recommended Ages: 14+

    The artistically composed, thematic Eurogame, WATCH, blends theme into the game mechanisms masterfully. You're working at a Soviet watch factory that used to be a World War II era munitions factory. You've been sent there to produce gears, which you can sell for money, but you also need those gears to disguise the munitions crates you smuggle out. Plan your actions wisely. Use the monitoring infrastructure in the foreman's office to catch your coworkers misbehaving and extract bribes from them...but be careful because someone else might be watching YOU!


    • 1 Gameboard
    • 50 Metal gears
    • 4 Wooden figures
    • 54 Cards
    • 4 Player boards
    • 1 Die
    • 81 Wood discs
    • 113 Markers
    • 2 Score sheets
    • 1 Rulebook


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