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Warmachine: MKIV: Dusk House Kallyss (27013) Void Engine and Wights

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    The Void Engine is a blasphemous autonomous weapon created by the Void Shapers of House Kallyss. Amongst their greatest accomplishments in the field of theoretical arcane research, the Void Engine possesses a dark and hungry fragmentary sentience, howling to unleash entropy and death. It attacks by opening a dark aperture within itself to unleash the raw power of the void. Its attacks are further fueled by drawing on the residual energy of spellcasting, which it harnesses to power its arcane systems. Even more terrible is its capacity to channel the connection between the death of the soulless and the void itself, which grants it the nexus to create a unique undead entity known as a wight. These viscous spectral horrors hate all life and exist only to rend the flesh of the living and draw their souls into the void. Only the unliving eldritch and the soulless who follow them are spared their unnatural predations.


    • Can gain power tokens when a model within 10˝ of this model casts a spell. During its Combat Action, the Void Engine can spend power tokens to boost one attack or damage roll for each power token spent.
    • Its Void Induction special rule says, “When a friendly soulless model is disabled by an enemy attack while within 10˝ of this model, this model can spend one power token to replace that model with a Wight model. You can have up to three Wights in play at any time.”
    • Its Void Aperture ranged attack has Critical Consume and the Reload [1] special rule.
    • Wights have the Incorporeal and Undead advantages and the Annihilator and Cleave special rules


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