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Victory at Sea: IJN Aircraft - 743211007 [5060572506961]
Victory at Sea: IJN Aircraft - 743211007 [5060572506961]

Victory at Sea: IJN Aircraft

Item #: 743211007 [5060572506961]
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    Witnessing massed airpower at the Battle of Taranto, the Japanese were quick to master the tactic, as seen in their infamous attack on Pearl Harbor. Later in the war, having suffered from terrible attrition and facing defeat, the Japanese turned desperately to kamikaze attacks.

    Kawanishi N1K1 George: Known to the allies as ‘George,’ the N1K1 entered service in 1943. Designed as a land-based derivative of the Kyōfū single-seat fighter, the George impressed the Imperial Japanese Navy sufficiently that they adopted it. Armed with two .303 machineguns and four 20mm cannon, the George outmatched the Hellcat and could compete with aircraft such as the Mustang and Corsair.

    Nakajima B5N Kate: The standard Japanese torpedo bomber and one of the main causes of damage at Pearl Harbor, the Kate was a rugged and dependable aircraft, easily superior to its American counterparts.

    Mitsubishi G3M Nell: Developed to meet a requirement for a maritime reconnaissance and strike platform, the G3M Nell was capable of fulfilling the tactical bomber or torpedo-strike roles and did so with distinction despite being regarded as obsolete by the outbreak of war. G3Ms took part in attacks on HMS Repulse and Prince of Wales in December 1941, the first sinking of capital ships under way by aircraft.

    Box contains these aircraft flights (in Warlord Resin):

    • 4 x Kawanishi N1K1 George flights
    • 4 x Nakajima B5N Kate flights
    • 1 x Mitsubishi G3M Nell flight

    Models supplied unassembled and unpainted


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