VHS: Unchained

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    VHS – VERY HORROR STORIES Demons, monsters and bloodthirsty killers lurk in the darkest recesses of our world, inhumane beings who know only violence and, driven by vengeance or evil, wish for only one thing. The suffering of their prey. Yours. Take up your torches, venture in their own realms and do what you can to make it out alive. VHS: Very Horror Stories is a Horror Role Play Game inspired by ‘70’s, ‘80’s and ‘90’s classics such as Hellraiser, Nightmare, Alien, Halloween and many more, coming in three stand-alone boxed sets that allow you to play in a different subgenre of Horror each. Bloodlust, slasher movies; Overplague, horror sci-fi; Unchained, supernatural horror.

    Press Play… and Scream! Each VHS can be played alone without needing the other two. The basic rules are contained in each box, but for each VHS change (in addition to the contents) the adaptation rules to different settings, the lists of traits, the special abilities and the customization guidelines.

    Welcome to Unchained, the VHS dedicated to supernatural horror. Prepare to fight demons from other dimensions, immortal tormentors and fanatical cults praying for hell to swallow our world.

    No amulet against their curses. No blade or gun to harm their hellforged forms. No place cleansed enough to stop the contamination borne by their black souls. This is Unchained and here skeptics are the first to die.


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