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VAESEN: Nordic Horror Roleplaying (HC): SEASONS OF MYSTERY

Item #: FLF-VAS11 [9789189143623]
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    Within these pages you will find four spine-tingling cases for Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying. This book contains four standalone Mysteries, one for each season of the year. A Dance with Death – Travel to the green vales of Dalarna in the springtime to investigate strange events in a remote village.  Fireheart – During the summer heatwave of the century, journey south to the ironworks of Smolandia and confront a fearsome adversary. The Devil on the Moor – On the autumnal moors of Denmark, find yourselves in a struggle between the ways of old and the designs of modernity. A Winter’s Tale – Cross the Baltic Sea and brave the wintry forests of Ingria, where an unknown being stalks the night beneath glittering stars.  


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