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Item #: SGPA002 [1932592199]
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    OCCULT HORROR expands your URBAN JUNGLE campaign with the powers of the supernatural. Channel your vital forces to read minds, to heal bodies, to dominate souls, to reach into the great beyond. Learn what secrets lurk in the dark, but whether you are to destroy it or to command it, is a question only you can answer. Put your very soul at risk to channel the dark arts. Or call out to the illimitable void with your pleas for power and for glory... but know that the darkness has its own wants, and such favors come at a heavy price.

    New character careers, such as Dabbler in the mystic arts, Fortune-Teller to commune with spirits, and Monster-Hunter to remove that which does not belong in this world. Work the supernatural into your existing game. Or visit the new locations featured here, complete with an introductory adventure. Supernatural powers of the 20th century! Use fluidic magnetism to persuade others! Read minds! Commune with the dead! Live better electrically! Put your body and soul at risk by calling upon your personal power. Or petition other-worldly entities for supernatural aid ... but be sure to count the cost. Uncover the secrets deep within forgotten tomes, chthonic vaults, and in remote places. The Silent Ones yearn to make their voices heard. Come to grips with the monsters still hidden in the dark corners of our world. Some are quiet mysteries best left unearthed. Others are at the beck and call of arcane malefactors. What do they want? What will they do to get it?


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