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Trenton 1776 Remastered

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    Players: 2

    Playing Time: 120 min

    TRENTON 1776 REMASTERED is a 2 player game of the American Revolution Campaign that was a turning point in the war. Players will maneuver their units across the beautiful full color hard mounted game board trying to outwit and outmaneuver their opponent. Be George Washington and try to keep your army alive as the British player chases you across New Jersey. Be the British and try to trap the American fox and end the war. Playable in 2 hours. Rated 3 on complexity scale of 10. Game board, 60 wooden blocks, labels, dice, and rules.

    WHAT’S IN THE BOX FOR TRENTON 1776: You get a beautiful new hard mounted game board showing New York and New Jersey, 60 blue and read wooden blocks, labels for those blocks, rules, battle board for fighting your tactical battles, and dice.


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