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Treasure Island: Captain Silver - Revenge Island

Item #: MT-TREASURE-CAPT-021 [3760146647121]
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    • Players : 2-5
    • Playing time : 45 min
    • Ages : 10+
    After a first adventure full of twists and turns, Captain Silver takes shelter on an island he knows well: Revenge Island! Unfortunately, an English garrison controls the area and, soon after having concealed a precious treasure, Silver ends up in jail once again.

    With a new island to discover and a new module "The tricks of Silver" including new cards for Long John Silver (corrupt soldiers, worrying weather, ghost twin…), it's up to you to overcome his tricks and achieve your goals before he escapes from the English jails!

    Time for revenge!

    - 2 new maps: Revenge Island and an original reinterpretation of the existing map

    - A new module for Captain Silver

    - New immersive components


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