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Transformers TCG: Metroplex Deck

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    1 Foil Transformers Titan Character Card

    3 Foil Transformers Character Cards

    Deck of 40 Battle Cards

    Damage Counters

    Rules Insert

    Character Cards

    Metroplex // Autobot City

    Scamper // City Patrol

    Six-Gun // Heavy Weapons Expert

    Slammer // Combat Drone*

    *SLAMMER is a drone, so it doesn’t flip between modes like other character cards.

    Battle Cards

    3 Armored Plating

    3 Backup Plan

    2 Combat Training

    2 Data Pad

    3 Flamethrower

    3 Force Field

    3 Handheld Blaster

    3 Height Advantage

    3 Improvised Shield

    3 Inspiring Leadership

    3 Protected By Metroplex

    3 Rally the City

    3 Rapid Conversion

    3 Supercharge


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