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Item #: RIO190 [655132001908]
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Price: $33.95

    PLAYERS: 2-7
    AGES: 8+
    PLAYTIME: 30 min

    Top Secret Spies, the first of five Spiel des Jahres wins for designer, Wolfgang Kramer, is a simple, but clever family deduction game. At the beginning of the game, the players are randomly, and secretly, assigned one of the differently-colored Spies. On a player's turn, they roll a die and move ANY one of the Spies that number of spaces. If a Spy reaches the Safe, that Spy scores points (or loses points) based on the location of the space, and the Safe is relocated. The game ends when any Spy passes the finish line. The player whose Spy advanced the farthest past the finish line wins. The game includes 26 Top Secret Cards for a variant with even more intrigue.

    - 7 Agents
    - 7 Scoring Markers
    - 7 Agent Cards
    - 1 Safe
    - 1 Die
    - 1 Game Board
    - 26 Top Secret Cards
    - 1 Rule booklet


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