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Thrones of Valeria  - DMG-TOV001 [672975184421]
Thrones of Valeria  - DMG-TOV001 [672975184421]

Thrones of Valeria

Item #: DMG-TOV001 [672975184421]
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      Number of Players: 2-6
      Playing Time: 30-45 Minutes
      Recommended Ages: 10+

    From the lowliest peasant to the Queen herself, everyone in Valeria plays some version of the game commonly called Thrones. After a successful goblin camp raid, you toss your coins into the pot for a chance to win it all! The Noble Houses manipulate their standings at court through devious means and Thrones of Valeria echoes that with cards that feature assassins, thieves, mercenaries, and other shadowy characters. Every card, used at the right moment, can turn your fate toward riches or, if used without due consideration, bring the doom of poverty upon you.

    In this trick-taking game, Two to six individuals, or two to three two-player teams, will use their cards to rake in coins or manipulate the standings of Valeria’s five Noble Houses to earn the most money. In the end, it’s not about how many tricks you take, but the wealth your machinations accumulate in the course of winning those tricks.


    • Trick-Taking with a Twist - It’s not the number of tricks you take, it’s how you use the cards to manipulate the Houses and earn the most coins in those tricks.
    • Five Colorful Houses - Each of the card suits links to a Valeria House tile. The higher a House is in the standings the greater its power over other Houses.
    • Nine Powerful Ranks - Within each House, the agents will earn or steal coins, jumble the House standings, or determine the hand’s duration.
    • Three Disruptive Jesters - Toss a coin to a Jester card and no trick is safe to a Jester card and no trick is safe.


    • 48 Game Cards
    • 6 Reference Cards
    • 36 Gold Coin Chits
    • 40 Silver Coin Chits
    • 1 Puzzle-Cut Game Board
    • 1 Tiles Bag
    • 5 Resin House Tiles
    • 1 Rule Book


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