The Rocketeer: Fate of the Far Future

Item #: FUG56319 [889698563192]
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    Players: 2
    Ages: 10+
    Playing time:
    45 mins

    Set in the golden age of 1938 LA, players will step into roles of heroes or villains and compete to secure Howard Hughes’ secret prototype jetpack.

    Play as a team of heroes: Cliff the fearless Rocketeer, the cunning actress Jenny, and the aeronautical genius Peevy, while the other player is the team of villains: the conspiring actor Neville Sinclair, his relentless henchman Lothar, and the h muscle of the Valentine Gang.

    As the game progresses, your characters’ unique abilities will contribute hidden cards to be revealed during the game’s thrilling climax: a daring fight atop an airship. The first player to thwart their opponent in succeeding with their mission wins!

    • Play the game with 7 beautifully sculpted miniatures
    • Stylized game board that includes iconic locations from the movie, such as the South Seas Club, the Bulldog Café, and the Griffith Observatory.
    • React to special event cards that will add a new level of excitement to the game when you least expect it!


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