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Glorantha: The Gods War

Item #: PEGTGW [680569978097]
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Price: $112.95

    • Number of players : 3-4
    • Playing time : 90 - 120 Min.
    • Recommended ages : 14+
    All creation’s peace is shattered. Rival pantheons battle. The world itself transforms beneath your feet. Determine the fate of the universe. Can your god rise to dominate the new cosmos?

    Designed by Sandy Petersen and set in the mythic cult universe of Glorantha, The Gods War is a fast moving strategy game set in a universe on the brink of disaster. In The Gods War, you take the part of powerful elemental factions, battling to determine the fate of the cosmos. The Gods War has been in development for more than three years. It is highly asymmetric featuring wildly different factions. You’ll fight over territory, perform miracles, and command monsters and gods. You can storm the gates of heaven itself, or watch the world collapse into the Chaos Rift.

    36 Huge Plastic Figures
    3-5 Player Map
    Kylerela Tile
    Spike Tile
    Heaven/Hell Sideboard
    Victory Track
    Chaos - Oblivion Box
    Empire Sheet - Storm
    Empire Sheet - Sky
    Empire Sheet - Darkness
    Empire Sheet - Chaos
    Starting Player Marker
    2 Dragon Tokens
    2 Monster Tokens
    24 Gift Tiles
    6 Chaos Nest Tokens
    18 Shrine Tokens
    9 Temple Tokens
    3 Ziggurat Tokens
    1 Castle of Lead Token
    1 Master Rulebook
    4 Hint Cards
    1 Chaos Rift Hint Card
    50 Rune Cards


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