The Dark Eye: Aventuria Adventure Card Game: Tears of Fire

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    After a difficult climb, the heroes finally reached their objective: a cave that had once been home to an invincible monster and its fabled riches. The cavern appeared to be uninhabited. Then three mighty heads loomed out of the darkness, and a deep rumbling shook the mountainside...

    Tears of Fire introduces a new, customizable monster and a new style of play for the Aventuria Adventure Card Game.

    In Duel Mode, one player controls the new monster—a powerful, three-headed dragon called a giant wyvern.

    In Adventure Mode, heroes play the adventure Tears of Fire as a team, trying to defeat the giant wyvern and its henchmen.

    Special rules allow players to customize the dragon by selecting from among six different heads and four age levels to create a new and exciting challenge with every game.

    - New, customizable monster (a three-headed dragon) with 64 new action cards and a special Life Point Display
    - 144 new adventure cards (including new Reward cards, new Ability cards, new Henchman cards, and more)
    - 46 special markers
    - Rules and Adventure booklet

    NOTE: This expansion requires the Aventuria Base Set to play.


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