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The Cards of Cthulhu: Beyond The Veil

Item #: DVGDV1-029B
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Price: $34.95

    This Expansion picks up where the original game left off. You are an investigator battling the Cthulhu Minions and Horrors in a desperate attempt to defend our world from the insanity that lies Beyond the Veil! This expansion adds a 5th Cult Board for Nyarlathotep! Beyond The Veil also introduces 2 new types of cards: Investigations and Cult Powers!

    The Cards of Cthulhu is a card game that pits you against the forces of The Great Cthulhu and other Elder Gods. You will battle Cultists, slay Minions, banish Horrors, seal the Gates, and protect our world from the enveloping insanity that threatens to consume us all! The Cards of Cthulhu is a great game for any gamer ages 12 and older. Each game ends with you saving the world, or dooming us all to eternal torment, in 30 to 45 minutes for solo games, and 60 to 90 minutes for multiplayer games.

    You must own The Cards of Cthulhu to use this Expansion.


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