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The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls: Requiem

Item #: MAE2624E
Availability: Coming Soon


    • Players: 1 - 4
    • Playing Time: 20 - 60 Min
    • Ages: 13+
    The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem is a huge expansion of the original Binding of Isaac: Four Souls game. Fight new monsters, collect new items, play as new characters. The expansion also adds new Solo and Multiplayer game modes and a brand new ROOM deck! The Room deck shakes up game play by adding global effects to all players that modify existing mechanics and even add new ones.

    The Game includes:
    - 61 Room Cards for Advanced Play
    - 54 Loot Cards
    - 50 Treasure Cards
    - 54 Monster Cards
    - 5 Bonus Souls for Advanced Play
    - 22 Character Cards and 22 Starting Items


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