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Team Yankee: French: Dice Set

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    Includes 20 French themed gaming dice.

    Lieutenant Hippolyte stood in the turret of his AMX-30 preparing for what was about to come. His platoon was well concealed in a wood line, with a clear line of site for 4,000 metres or more. He could not believe that almost a year ago he was riding in the 40th Anniversary Parade, celebrating the Liberation of Paris from Nazi Germany in World War II. Now he was in West Germany, in a war of his own, preparing to fight against a Warsaw Pact invasion. It just didn’t seem real to him.

    He was broken from his thoughts, like being awakened from a bad dream, by a radio call from one of the tank commanders in his platoon. His training immediately took over and, like any other bodily reflex, he started to give commands. His orders were to hold fire until he gave the command. Off in the distance, a mass of tanks, likely Czechoslovakian, advance towards him. They were perfectly arrayed in line abreast formation, just as all of his training said they would be.

    Note: The Rooster on each die represents the 6.


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