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Team Labyrinth - RVN27328 [4005556273287]
Team Labyrinth - RVN27328 [4005556273287]

Team Labyrinth

Item #: RVN27328 [4005556273287]
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    Number of Players: 2-4
    Recommended Ages: 8+

    Daedalus, the mischievous spirit of the labyrinth, has trapped you in his enchanted maze. Fortunately, there is a secret portal that leads out of the labyrinth, but you can only open it with the help of 24 magical treasures! Work together to collect all the treasures before you run out of time!

    Classic Labyrinth game play with a cooperative twist! In Labyrinth Team Edition, players must navigate an ever-changing maze to locate treasures and escape before time runs out. Each turn you’ll will flip over a new Daedalus card and move the maze according to the image shown. Then you will use spells cards to manipulate the maze and move your piece around the board to pick up treasures. Once you have all 24 treasures, get to the portal and escape but be quick about it! If you don’t succeed before the Daedalus deck runs out, you’ll be trapped forever!


    • 1 Game board
    • 34 Path tiles
    • 24 Treasure cards
    • 24 Daedalus cards
    • 1 Daedalus card holder
    • 4 Player pieces and boards
    • 12 spell tiles
    • Rules


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