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Tanto Cuore 3: Romantic Vacation

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    Tanto Cuore: Romantic Vacation, the second expansion for the deck-building game Tanto Cuore in addition to being a standalone game, is themed around a paradise island vacation. ('Dokidoki', the sound of heartbeat in Japanese, means 'exciting' or 'romantic', which is why the English name is 'Romantic Vacation'.) Players take the role of house lords and start with a deck containing some love cards and a few maids. During the game, players gradually employ more maids, increasing their deck of cards, and the player who collects the most victory points wins.Romantic Vacation includes love cards and maid cards like the parent game, but no event cards (curse cards) nor private maids (unique cards with a lasting effect). Instead the game introduces reminiscence cards, representing memorial events, like 'Camp Fire', 'Watching the stars', 'Picnic', etc. These cards are worth substantial victory points, but unlike the other victory points they are not bought with love, but gained by discarding a specified number of maid cards from your hand, thus introducing the possibility of getting victory points from pure maid cards, previously not possible. These reminiscence cards never enter a player's deck. Integrates with: Tanto Cuore Tanto Cuore: Expanding the House

  • This game is a stand-alone game like the last two, but can also be combined with the previous games to have a wide variety of card choices.

    Tanto Cuore is a deck building card game for 2–4 players. It can be played separately or used together with the Tanto Cuore, Tanto Cuore Expansion or both.

    The players take the roles of ”masters of house”, who have moved out from their mansions to a summer vacation on a southern island. Even here, they employ a lot of cute maids, are served by them while slowly filling out their house (card deck).

    When the game ends, the player who has most victory point (VP) gaining maids and (introduced in this set) recollection cards is the ”perfect master” and the winner of the game.

  • 206 Maid Cards (32 Chambermaids, 174 General Maids)
  • 16 Recollection Cards
  • 56 Love Cards
  • 1 Rulebook
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