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Tamiya 1/700 Scale: British Battle Cruiser Hood and E-Class Destroyer

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    [Tragedy of the giant warship Hood, which makes its name in the history of the sea battle] The Waterline series also reproduces various historical stories in it. The heroic historical romance that unfolded in the seven seas is 1 / All the dramas cannot fit on the 700 scale. The battle between the British and German Navy in the North Atlantic during World War II is also known as a fierce battle in the history of the naval war. Enjoy the protagonist cruise battleship Hood with the E-class destroyer who acted together in the final battle. The size of the giant warship Hood is even more outstanding.

    [Model outline] 1/700 It is a plastic model assembly kit that sets the British Navy cruise battleship Hood and E-class destroyer reproduced on a scale. ● The hood has a total length of 375 mm. It is a finish that conveys the size of the huge warship that was the largest in the world at that time. A sharp reproduction of the beloved neat style. ● The E-class destroyer, of which nine ships were built in 1934, has a total length of 143 mm. The hull is divided into left and right to faithfully reproduce the side window and the cross-sectional shape of the hull. ● The main turret of both Hood and E-class destroyers can be turned even after completion with a polycap. As for the ship number, all ship numbers including the two ships of H23 Echo and H27 Electra who acted with Hood are set with slide marks.


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