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Subastral - RGS2196 [810011721968]
Subastral - RGS2196 [810011721968]


Item #: RGS2196 [810011721968]
Availability: Out of Stock
Price: $17.95

    Number of Players: 2-5

    Playing Time: 15-30 Minutes

    Recommended Ages: 10+

    We need only lower our gaze from the stellar night skies to the planet below to see that beauty surrounds us! The biomes of Planet Earth are as diverse and wondrous as the living creatures that populate them. Subastral is the new game from the award-winning design duo of Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback, featuring art by Beth Sobel.

    Subastral is a strategic card game for 2–5 researchers. Collect cards that represent your notes on eight different biomes: subtropical desert, savanna, tropical rainforest, chaparral, temperate grassland, temperate forest, taiga, and arctic tundra.

    Will your journal of research notes on the planet’s biomes be deep and diverse enough to stand out amongst your peers?


    • Collect notes on eight different biomes around Planet Earth!
    • Deep and diverse research will be rewarded!
    • Interesting hand management and unique set collection!
    • From award winning designers, Matt Riddle & Ben Pinchback (Stellar, Fleet: The Dice Game)


    • 103 Biome Cards
    • 6 Cloud Cards
    • 1 Sun Card
    • 1 Game End Card
    • 1 Start Player Card
    • 1 Scorepad


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