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    Immerse yourself in colonial times, from the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution, when European powers ruled the seas and competed relentlessly for more authority, wealth, and prestige.

    In ‘Colonial’ you are the ruler of a mighty Euro-pean state. Your ministers will explore far-flung regions of the earth, establish missions, advance your scientific supremacy, and trade in exotic goods. You will have to exploit these commodi-ties on an industrial scale. Although your econ-omy is your main asset for you to manage in this game, you will need to maintain your naval forces, as that is will ultimately ‘resolve’ all dis-putes.

    Set against an epic historical backdrop and us-ing a branded Character-Card driven system, this fast-paced game offers a unique experience requiring careful management, knowledge, and diplomacy to lead you to victory in the race for prestige.

    Players: 2 - 6 | Playing Time: 120 minutes | Ages: 14 +


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