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Darklands: Kadamastar, Ancient Devourer

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    Kadamastar has brutalised the Atalantes for centuries, just as they had brutalised his kin for millennia, but now he brutalises all that stand before him. The legend of the ancient devourer that lurks in the morass has grown from the first attempts of the Atalantes to claw territory back from the wetlands of Atalantia as the sea took it from them to his terrifying, lumbering presence upon the battlefields of Europa, where he breaks shieldwalls apart without thought and devours his enemies whole. The pitted, crusted skin-armour upon his body is impervious to all but the most brutal weapons and the strongest arms, and the crushing force of his jaws and the lash of his spiked tail is feared even by the most terrible of beasts and other foul creatures employed by the enemies of the Khthones. For with Ophius he stands: his desire, like the Gorgon Lord and the Krokodars - his kin, warped by the Atalantes into slaves - is to destroy the Atalantes for their sins and to find lands of their own to survive, lands they must take by force from the humans, for Atalantia is surely finished
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