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Lone Wolf Adventure Game: Bestiary of the Beyond

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    The second volume of monsters and adversaries for the amazing Lone Wolf Adventure Game. A gorgeous, full colour PDF, packed with creatures from the multi-million selling Lone Wolf Gamebooks. Every monster has an illustration, game stats and fascinating details about them.

    • Agarashi – Creatures of Darkness: Agarashi. Deathstalker, Shape-changer
    • Creatures of Magic and Constructs: Drodarin Golem, Rahkos and Tzoog
    • Dragon Creatures: Crocaryx, Dragonkin, Zadragon
    • Extra-Planar Creatures: Elementals, Ice Demon, Shadow Razor
    • Mutants: Beastman, Dhax, Gourgaz and more!
    • Making the Most of Your Monsters – advice for the Narrator on how to design and run effective encounters in the Lone Wolf Adventure Game
    • Appendix – Providing advice on creating memorable encounters with a series of useful examples, details of the mysterious extinct Agarashi Races.

    Works marvellously with the Maganmund Menagerie, but it is not required to use Bestiary of the Beyond.


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