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Alien Uprising (SALE)

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    Are you seeing straight or seeing double? Either way, you have to call it fast to win this high energy dice game! Scoop up two batches of dice and let them roll. Quick! All players scan the array for matching symbols between the orange and white dice. The first to call a match gets to grab all the dice with that symbol. No Matches? No problem! It’s another chance to win. Shout “Nada!” to collect all the remaining dice. Think sharp and act fast to match, snatch and win. If you’re really feeling loco for Nada, mix it up with the additional game variations! The 36 dice have appealing symbols such as rockets, palm trees and bunny rabbits. Carry around Nada with you in the convenient drawstring pouch! Nada is a game of chance and visual skill that everyone can learn to play in seconds. It’s simple, yet simply irresistible! Keep your eyes on the dice and your hand ready. There is always a match until…Nada!

    Players: 2 - 4 | Playing Time: 60 minutes | Ages: 10 +


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