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Item #: DMG-CRB001 [602573043721]
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    • Players: 2-5
    • Playing Time: 20-35 Min
    • Ages: 12+

    On this peaceful seaside beach, crab season has come! Hunters and gatherers are coming from near and far, searching for delicious-looking crabs under every rock and pool. The game is plentiful, but due to space limitations you can keep only one crab per catch; maybe you can upgrade your gear to keep bigger crabs, or maybe you can try to fulfill custom orders for special guests...

    As a renowned crab hunter in Crabs!, you cannot miss this carnival, so grab your gear and let's going crabbing! Each turn you choose one of the following actions:

      • Catch: Draw two cards from the deck or pool.
      • Raise: Exchange cards with the pool, crabs for crabs.
      • Trade: Exchange cards with the pool, points for points.
      • Upgrade: Discard cards to upgrade gear level.
      • Tie Crabs: Discard cards to gain a score card.
      • Relax: Untap up to three score cards.

    At the end of your turn, you can choose to trade score cards for a single objective card, then you must discard down to eight cards. When a player has gathered 25 or more VP, the game continues until all players have had the same number of turns, then the game ends and whoever has the most VP wins!

    (Note that some versions of Crabs! carry a minimum player count of three, whereas others have a minimum p.c. of two, but the rules for the game seem to be the same across all versions.)


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