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Item #: RDG-704002 RDG704002 [064465140022]
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Price: $21.95

    • Players: 2-4
    • Ages: 10+
    • Playtime: 20-30 min

    Join the Golden Age of Archeology!

    In This Belongs in a Museum, players compete with rival colleagues to become the most revered archeologist in the world. Seas, mountains, and airports connect dig sites to base camp. Players collect valuable artifacts and outwit their opponents in this easy-to-learn, strategic tile-laying game. But players must beware the Mummies who can block their paths at every turn!

    • Perfect for players new to tile-laying games.
    • Experienced gamers will enjoy the game’s strategic layers.
    • Easy to learn, fast to play, and never plays the same way twice!


    • 4 Archeologists with stands
    • 4 Mummies with stands
    • 1 Tomb tile
    • 4 Base Camps
    • 54 Dig Site tiles
    • 32 Artifacts


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