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Dungeons & Dragons (5th Ed.): Character Folio- Dungeon Party

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    Created for tabletop role playing games, Ultra PRO's Character Folios provide a convenient and perfectly geeky way to hold all papers related to your campaign. Choose from our 5 new designs featuring artwork from the role playing game that has been played by more than 20-million people worldwide.

    Whether your character is fierce and battle hardened, or shiny new and naive, they deserve to be protected from the dangers of our world. Keep your information secure between gaming sessions with our specially designed D&D Character Folios. Featuring two 18-pocket pages with a side-loading card design, you can keep up to 36 standard sized spell cards safe. Ten 1-pocket pages hold character sheets or notes.

  • Holds up to 36 spell cards and 10 character sheets
  • Embossed middle black web material frames spell cards
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