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For Sale!

Item #: EGL101124 101124N [718122623440]
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    "Everyone I play with enjoys it - it's the kind of game that you sit around wishing you had designed."
    – Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower
    Bid and bluff your way to purchase the most valuable real estate for the lowest amount of money, then turn around and sell those houses (and shacks) for cold hard cash. Be the richest mogul at the end of the game to win this Stefan Dorra classic, which will be released in January of 2009.

    Considered one of the finest bidding games of all time, For Sale has a devoted following of fans that is about to grow much larger as FRED Distribution publishes the newest edition of this game as part of its Gryphon Games series.

    For 3-6 players ages 8 and up, this 20 minute game may seem short, but expect your gaming group to decide that there is time for “just one more play!”

    Game Summary:
    Going once! Going twice! Sold to the highest bidder! In this perfectly-crafted bidding game, players are forced to make a multitude of difficult decisions every minute…and that’s just in the first phase of the game!
    During phase one, players must decide how much of their spending capital to invest in available properties, knowing that their own actions in the second phase could turn those properties into extremely lucrative bargains or crushing losses.

    Game Contents:
    • 30 Property Cards
    • 30 Check Cards
    • 60 $1,000 Chips
    • 12 $2,000 Chips
    • 1 Rulebook


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