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Cardfight Vanguard: Catastrophic Outbreak: Booster Pack

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    The devastating invasion continues in Catastrophic Outbreak! As more units and abilities appear for the evil Link Joker clan, more nations fall to their insidious Lock abilities and hope diminishes! Fight against the void with new expansions for Nova Grappler, Aqua Force, Dimension Police, Angel Feather, Great Nature, Granblue, and the enigmatic Nubatama! 

    Will you be able to contain the Catastrophic Outbreak?

  • Catastrophic Outbreak continues the expansion narrative for the antagonist Link Joker clan and features key units which will be invaluable to fans of their unique play style.
  • This expansion set also contains more [Reverse] cards for various clans, representing their fall to the Link Joker invasion.
  • New units and abilities for Aqua Force, Nova Grappler, Dimension Police, Great Nature, Granblue and Nubatama clans. Fans and collectors will enjoy the large variety of clans for this set. 
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