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Defenders of the Realm

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    Darkness is spreading across the realm. An ancient and long‐forgotten presence has summoned dark forces to do its evil bidding. In response, the King has assembled his finest champions to defend Monarch City and defeat the oncoming hordes. The situation is desperate, and you and your fellow champions, working together, are the ealm’s final hope…

    Defenders of the Realm is a fantasy board game in which 1‐4 players, playing co‐operatively, each take a role as one of the King’s Champions (Barbarian, Cleric, Dwarf, Eagle Rider, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, and Sorcerer). They heed the King’s call to defend the realm, which is under siege from the forces of Orc, Dragon, Undead, and Demon.

    Each race has different combat abilities and special powers: The Orcs are easy to defeat but multiply quickly and can overrun the realm if not kept in check, the Dragons are ferocious fighters and difficult to beat, the Undead cause Terror, and the Demons taint the land quickly. You must keep enemy troops and their generals out of Monarch City while at the same time defending the
    countryside and holding the dark forces at bay.

    Your name will be mentioned in bard’s tales for years to come if you can strike down an enemy general, but recognize, brave champion, that there is no time to rest when a general is defeated. Word of a general’s defeat travels fast, and the remaining generals literally double their efforts and push even harder to achieve their goal…the capture and destruction of Monarch City!

    Game Components:
    • 24” x 30” map of the King’s realm
    • 12 detailed plastic figures
    • 8 Champion and 4 General player mats
    • 3 card decks (Darkness, Quest & Hero)
    • 100 horde cubes (25 per enemy color)
    • 12 Dice (3 dice in each enemy color)
    • Game rules

    Players: 1‐4 
    Playing Time: 90-120 minutes
    Age: 13+

    Game designed by Richard Launius
    Artwork by Larry Elmore


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