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CounterFact Magazine: Issue 4- 1936 What If? The Rhinelands Crisis

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    This issue contains:

    1936: What If? By Ty Bomba
    Terrorism as a Strategy Within Psychological Warfare by Joseph Miranda
    Britain's & China's & Japan's New Aircraft Carriers vs. TERN by Chris Perello & Ty Bomba
    The Accidental Superpower Book Review, by Ty Bomba

    New Column: Sit Reps:
    - Hero (Mine Detector) Rats
    - Militarized Food
    - Russia's New APC Has PlayStation Controls
    - China Has Won the "Battle of the Nine-Dash Line"
    - US Camouflage Uniforms
    - The Lockheed-Martin SR-7
    - The Boeing X-51A Waverider
    - The Growing Israeli Dolphin-2 Class Submarine Flotilla
    - The US Army's "Cheetah" Robot
    - The Growing Role of Sepcial Operations Forces & Robots in Militaries Around the World


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