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Villages of Valeria - HPSDMGVOV001 [013964890495]
Villages of Valeria - HPSDMGVOV001 [013964890495]

Villages of Valeria

Item #: HPSDMGVOV001 [013964890495]
Availability: Out of Stock
Price: $23.95

    In Villages of Valeria, you take on the role of a Baron in the vast and beautiful kingdom of Valeria. Construct magnificent buildings, cultivate resources, and attract adventurers in order to become the next capital city of Valeria.

    Villages of Valeria is a stand alone game set in the world of Valeria and takes place just before the hordes of monsters invade the kingdom in Valeria: Card Kingdoms. The Kingdom has been established and the King is looking for the greatest Village to name the next capital city of Valeria. In order to accomplish this, you'll have to outwit your fellow Baron's by selecting the best actions and making sure to follow your opponents actions as best you can.

    84 Building Cards
    16 Adventurer Cards
    5 Castle Cards
    5 Player Reference Cards
    1 Solo Variant Reference Card
    1 Action-Selection Card
    30 Screen Printed Wood Gold Coins
    1 Screen Printed Wood Active Player Token
    1 Rulebook
    1 Beautifully Illustrated Box

    Players: 1-5
    Ages: 14+
    Playtime: 30-60 min


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