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Valeria Card Kingdoms

Item #: DMG-VCK001 HPSDMGVCK001 [013964890402]
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Price: $45.95

    • Players: 1-5
    • Ages: 13+
    • Playtime: 30-45 min

    Valeria: Card Kingdoms is a tableau-building game for 1-5 players and will feel familiar to deck-building fans.

    The cards you buy can work for you on your turn and on all the other player turns, as well. On your turn, roll two dice and activate citizen cards with the result of each individual die and the sum of both dice. All players harvest resources at the same time. After you take your two actions, pass the dice. The player with the most victory points at the end, wins the game.

    216 Cards – Featuring 56 unique and stunning illustrations
    - 108 Citizen Cards
    - 42 Monster Cards
    - 24 Domain Cards
    - 10 Duke Cards
    - 10 Exhausted Cards
    - 10 Starter Cards
    - 5 Player Reference Cards
    32 Divider Cards
    2 Custom Six-sided 20mm Numeral Dice
    175 Wood Tokens
    - 50 Gold Tokens
    - 50 Strength Tokens
    - 50 Magic Tokens
    25 VP Tokens
    14 Cardboard Tokens
    1 Illustrated Rulebook


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